Thistle Bristle

Thistle seedpods

Round purple hedgehogs
Rise above a bed of green thistle;
Bees circle them like moons,
Dodging spines that bristle.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This flower is Globe Thistle (Echinops ritro). The bees were too quick for me, none lingered to become famous on my blog. 🙂

44 thoughts on “Thistle Bristle

      • Like you said in one of the other comments – the fewer the words the harder it gets – especially when you’re trying to rhyme – and the only word that rhymes alters the whole feeling of the poem. Getting just four lines that you are actually happy with can take forever!


          • It’s a long story – and it seems to be taking forever! – I started all this last November.

            I happened to mention to a few people that I was finding out how to make ebooks – with a view to selling my short stories – and how complicated it was.

            The next thing I knew, I had two full length (Self Help type) books full of images, tables and lists (all are difficult in ebooks) waiting to be converted.

            I’ve nearly finished the second of these (some corrections to go back to the author on Monday) then I can tie up the lose ends and, I hope, get back to my own stories!

            Normally, a publisher won’t print a single short story – it just costs too much to manufacture a book with only a few pages – but ebooks don’t have that problem.

            It should be quite cost effective selling a single short story ebook for 50 pence (or 70 cents) – designed for people to buy and read on their phones/tablets.

            There’s much more – but I won’t fill up your comments with it – if you send me an email – ford.davidj AT – I’ll send you a sample to test for me as soon as I can get one finished – and more details of ‘The Master Plan for Overnight Fame with Instantaneous and Unbelievable Wealth’ (In Big Red Letters). Yes, send me an email – you can play too, if you like.

            PS an important part of the current plan is, unless it costs nothing to join, I won’t be taking part myself.


            • It’s easy really – that’s just me trying to make it sound complicated – I’ll email tomorrow – I must go to bed now – it’s half past midnight here.

              Keep an eye out for an email from me and open it on your phone if you can. I need to know how easy it is to get the ebook to where you can read it on a phone – as I see that as the main market. Thanks for your help.


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