Frosted Evergreens

Snow on Evergreens

What slumbers on
Evergreen boughs —
Snow? Or is it more?
Are they angels slippers
Left as tokens of love?
Are they lacy linen
For mountain troll tea?
Or dryad eiderdowns?
Maybe royal cloaks swirled
Round highland princelings.
Or white fairy dream-dust,
Spun from dancing and mischief.
Perhaps each icy crystal is a
Frozen wish, yet to be granted.
The clouds have floated down
To kiss the children of earth,
Pausing to embrace entwined trees.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: More snow is due tonight. I hear Northern Maine has over eleven feet and counting. Makes our eight feet seem paltry. I hope you are warm and safe and having magical thoughts.

Christmas Wishes

Clara and Nutcracker Ornament

May your dreams inspire you,
May you rarely feel blue,
And almost never angry red.
May all bad things remain unsaid,
May magic touch you and yours,
And love find you, opening new doors.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament

Note: Merry Christmas!! My family was lucky to see the Boston Ballet perform the Nutcracker a few days ago. The daughter of a friend was dancing the part of Mother Ginger’s child. We had such fun, we bought these two ornaments to commemorate such a special night. I wish you many blessings to you and yours. Warmly, Brenda