Wishes have Wings


In the faraway summer,
wishes took flight. Wishes of
healing, happiness, and light.
And peace, joy, and plenty for all,
whether busy as bees.
Or lonely and small. 

Each wish still flies
with ripples of air
and bending of light,
moving us
moment by moment
closer to Spring.

Such is the power
can bring.

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: The holidays were rough, despite many moments of laughter and love. I’m recovering from pneumonia, feeling sad at losing my father-in-law, and dreading knee surgery, but taking it a day at a time. I hope your holidays were wonderful. Meanwhile, perhaps you can give wings to wishes of your own. Thanks to all my blogging friends, who are beacons of light in my life.

28 thoughts on “Wishes have Wings

      • Oh Brenda, I’m so sorry about your job–perhaps something good will come out of this… And you have some extra time to get better. Have you tried putting a few drops of eucalyptus on your chest, that helps me when I’m having similar breathing problems. Sending you some positive healing thoughts and I hope you are feeling better soon!


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