Love is a Kite

Love is a Kite

Love is a kite.
It carries you up
to a terrifying height
until you can see
the future, the past and now.
Love is art.
Only the heart
can hold steady,
ride the wind,
dance aflame and remain the same.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: My 6 year old daughter and I spent the afternoon making Valentine art. You see mine above. My hubby asked if I planned to put it on my website, and I said no. He said, you should. So I listened, with my heart, and here it is. I hope it lifts you up, as it did me. Happy Valentine’s Day! Warmly, Brenda

The Heart of a Garden Haibun


Used with permission of Sally – My Beautiful Things

I always leave part of my heart in my garden as the yellow leaves drift slowly down, followed by the snow. My summer heart hibernates there, with the bulbs and the frogs, below the frost line. I don’t have the heart to clear all the leaves away, it’s too like wiping the tears of the tree.

I prefer to leave them where they fall in the flower beds, fertilizer and insulation against the winter’s fury. On the grass, I rake them all into a big pile, and let the kids jump in. We toss up the leaves in fistfuls, and they fall in our hair. We make leaf angels, before we bag them all.

My summer heart is there still in my garden, slumbering, under the snow forts, the snowmen and beyond the snow angel farms. Wrapped closely with leaves, dreaming of sunshine and warm days.

first green shoots
split the soil apart
my heart leaps out

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Inspired by the Tuesday Haibun Thinking: Week 3.