Pausing for Love


A little love for
all of us pausing,
all of us working,
all of us keeping the faith
in a world
that changes
with each heartbeat.

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: As the world uses technology to keep society functioning despite massive quarantines and disruptions from the Coronavirus pandemic, I am in awe of how brave and loving people are. When we focus on the miracles, the magic, and the splendid in our ordinary everydays, we find it. Blessings to everyone.

44 thoughts on “Pausing for Love

  1. It truly is the little things we can do by sharing smiles.
    Glad you are home… Hope each day gets brighter as spring returns.
    The new normal is a bit wonky right now. We have to believe we will get through this… with love and hope.

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    • It’s a scary time. I really didn’t know what to post for a long time. It’s been a tough year for me. I got pneumonia at New Year’s, was fired right after returning to work (while still coughing) and then had knee surgery as soon as the pneumonia cleared. I’m three weeks out from the surgery, still doing PT, but had to cancel appointments because of Coronavirus. I was told I have moderately severe arthritis everywhere I’ve had MRIs, and I have pain in every joint and my hands. Yet, I have lots of joy. I’ve seen amazing beauty. I decided that even while the world reacts from fear, we are also protecting each other and ourselves. I read so much unhappiness in my reader that I decided to post some love.

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      • Whew! Dear Brenda, you have been through a lot! Then on top of it all, Covid 19!
        It is a wonderful thing that you are finding joy and beauty within and in spite of all that is happening, with you personally and the world.
        Moreover, you have shared some of that joy and beauty with us, and that is a positive and healing energy, for you, your family and all friends real or virtual!
        Stay positive and full of the joy and love that is intrinsic to you.
        You are, and always have been, my Friendly Fairytale!


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