Alone but not Lonely


but not lonely,
drinking in the fragrance
of uninterrupted thought,
children quiet and
traffic noises as still
as if a thick snow was falling.

But spring is
nearly here — yesterday snowflakes fell.
Today, crocuses push free
of the cold soil.

My son plays his cello,
Bach Allemande on yellow paper.
My son is focused,
but not lonely.

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Music teachers are being creative about holding lesson by video. Schools are scrambling for ways to finish academics for the year without in-person instruction. Parents and workers are juggling all the details. Wishing everyone a little magic.

Writing Tip: Remember to take note of the details — the colors, scents, surprises in all these moments. Someday, you may want to write in more depth, but for now, journaling will help preserve what living through this surprising time is like. Poetry can be a form of journaling.

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