Music Inside

boundless heart
radiates music inside,
a world of kindness

Copyright 2021 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: The poem was inspired by a Buddhist prayer. I’m practicing meditation tonight with movement, intention and music. We visited my mother-in-law in ICU earlier. I’m grateful that she moved in with us over a month ago. We were able to express our love for her, learn from her, witness her strength and determination, and share her ups and downs. Wednesday, a fall caused head trauma and what appears to be a major stroke. Internal bleeding was alleviated by emergency surgery, but not before she went to a place we can’t reach. We were privileged to share her breath and warmth tonight. Every day is precious. As I hear circling melodies of birds, strings, and flute, gratitude for this beautiful world fills me, alongside the sadness of possibly losing a precious person. Not every choice is mine to make. Not every bell rings with a music I can hear. I’m struggling toward acceptance.

May your your path be lit by warmth, wisdom and magic. Blessings.

19 thoughts on “Music Inside

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    • Thanks, Toni. I believe she will always be a part of us, and she will find peace, even if she has to struggle to find it. Or maybe she’s found it already, and we need to find it, too. My heart is heavy though. It seems too quiet without her.


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