Windows in my Soul

Thanks to WillowDot for Hooking me up with this Challenge!

opens windows in my soul 
to the universe

bring calm 

Copyright 2021 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Usually a trip to the ocean has the same effect — putting things into perspective. Taking me outside myself. Lowers my need to control things that are not possible to control, and lessens anxiety as a result. What works for you?

Writing Tip: Sometimes the blank page shrieks insults instead of invitations. At times like those, I wander through favorite books or blog hop, looking for inspiration and solace. I’m never disappointed… 

39 thoughts on “Windows in my Soul

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  4. So nice to see you at Colleen’s Word Craft Tanka Tuesday. I just put in my link!

    I love to look up at the stars… and to be at the ocean too.

    I haven’t quite gotten meditations down. But then we all have different ways to cope. I get lost in books.
    Hope all is well with you and yours Jules (JulesPaige).

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