Daisy at Noon


a daisy at noon,
opens a spiraling path
to the heart

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Daisies have taken hold throughout New England. I was surprised to learn that they originated in Europe and Asia perhaps 4,000 years ago. I am still in awe at how that happens. The diversity, flexibility and will-to-live of species on earth is awe-inspiring.

Happy Poetry Friday and thanks to Carol at Beyond LiteracyLink for hosting.

Poetry Friday Heron

53 thoughts on “Daisy at Noon

  1. I love the layers here–the spiral literally leads to the center or heart of the daisy, but it also makes me think of the childhood “game” with spiraling plucking of petals– “loves me, loves me not”–which also deals with matters of the heart. The photo is fabulous!

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  2. That spiraling path! Went straight to my heart. I too am intrigued by where plants came from and how far they have spread. I was also amazed to walk in a field of sunflowers – on the roof of the Singapore Airport – last week. Notexactly a field, really a terrace, but a beautiful way to spend some time between flights.

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