Making Spirits Bright


I hope you are all warm, safe and surrounded by love and magic this holiday season! May all the snow that falls be light, fluffy and shining like diamonds. May your dreams shine like the stars, and your dearest wishes come true. Joy to the World!! Merry Christmas!!

Warmly, Brenda 


‘Tis the Season Haībun

There’s nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.
— Erma Bombeck


When I was a child, I hated suspense, and all my energy went into solving mysteries quickly. I generally figured out who did what where in the game Clue, where the flag was in Stratego and what I was getting for Christmas. Continue reading

Fairy Tale Alert!

Fairy Tale Alert: A blogger friend has published a Christmas fairy tale, March of the Toymakers. Woo-hoo! I love to hear about new fairy tales and bloggers publishing!!

Author and Blogger Julianne Victoria

Author and Blogger Julianne Victoria

I read her book, and it’s an adventurous elvish story full of magic, color and steadfast loyalty. Nissa is chosen by Santa to go on an epic journey to save Christmas. He sees wonders, makes new friends and saves Christmas itself. The story is full of great imagery, delightful language and magical creatures of all varieties.

Author Bio:  Julianne Victoria is a spiritual counselor and writer, who has always felt a strong connection to nature and the spirit world,  so writing fairy tales seemed like a natural progression for her writing. The March of the Toymakers is the first in a series of children’s fairy tales. It is based on an original story written thirty years ago by her father, Robert Thomas, who also drew the artwork that was used for the cover of the book. Julianne remembers when she a little girl listening with awe and excitement as her father would read portions of his original story to her and her siblings, and she now has enjoyed re-writing and condensing the original epic into an exciting fairy tale adventure to share with children all over the world.
Synopsis of the story:  The March of the Toymakers follows the journey of Santa’s chief elf, Nissa, on his quest to save Christmas. Santa barely has enough elves to make enough toys for all the children of the world, so he sends Nissa on a mission to find the Fair Feather Maid, who will help them recruit an army of elves to become toymakers.However, there are many challenges along the way, from solving riddles and breaking pixie spells to fighting off ogres, trolls, and goblins, all of whom wish to prevent the army of toymakers from making it back to Santa’s Village in time. If they do not make it back by Midsummer’s Eve, they will not have enough time to make all the toys that bring Christmas joys.
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