Grab Your Coat! It’s One Below Zero!!


Even the bushes have on their coats
As the first Nor’easter of 2014
Howls through New England and
Mother Nature christens the new year.

Smiling snow princess, hat askew, and
Giggling snow monsters, snowballs in hand,
Welcome the first snow day with battling snow angels,
Ice skating, sledding and snowshoeing.

Then a few cookies and a mug of hot chocolate
While snow blows into drifts and plows rattle by.
Now tucked under blankets and quilts,
Already dreaming of next Christmas.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

37 thoughts on “Grab Your Coat! It’s One Below Zero!!

  1. What a lovely winter tale of fun, and a great photo.
    I’m longing for some cold white snow….so far it’s all been howling gales, horizontal rain and buckets of mud beneath our boots in Scotland this winter! I love the way snow brightens the whole landscape…..*dreaming now*!


  2. In Massachusetts…it IS COLD!!!! In the single digits and below zero cold! Worcester, MA, could get to -12 degrees in windchill tonight. Thankfully, most of my work is inside. The picture looks like around here…the North Shore got two feet in some towns! But I do have a problem reading medium grey words on green! Just me, I guess.


    • I hate when it rains sideways into your hood. Sometimes I think the snow is more fun and easier to deal with than a big gale of rain. This morning we have sun peeking through. The whole world is bright white.


  3. bundle up you snow monsters as you dash away in the snow!! darn, that is real cold, Brenda and as much fun as snow brings, it also packs some good hardships as well. take care my friend. ♥


    • We have the gear — snow pants, down coats, gore-tex gloves, fleeces galore. We’ll be fine. 🙂 We already shoveled half of it. We have enough hot chocolate to get us through. And plenty of Christmas cookies left. LOL


    • I grew up with lake effect snow in Rochester, NY. As long as I don’t lose power, all is well. We have fun. 🙂 My back does feel it, though. I slipped yesterday and went straight over backwards. From where I landed, I had a perfect view of a bird’s nest I never would have noticed otherwise. If I’d had my camera, I would have gotten a picture. LOL


  4. Happy new year, Brenda. 🙂
    The third stanza speaks of my favorite part of the cold season.
    Keep safe, stay warm.
    Right now, we are experiencing -12. It’s a pain to take out the dog in the mornings and evenings. I look forward to going back to warmer MA. 🙂


    • That is seriously cold!! We haven’t been out since the bottom fell out of the thermometer. I hope it warms up a bit or shoveling will be a punishment. Are you coming back to MA? I thought you lived in ME.


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