Dreaming Inside

Flying Away by Sath

Flying Away, Used by Permission of Sath

We fly past the stars on silver wings,
rushing wind without and within.
All of life unfolds its answers
until we wake.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: The first line refers to Roald Dahl’s Matilda. The art is courtesy of Sath, a wonderful street artist and international ambassador of art. Resa McConaghy at Graffiti Lux and Murals is celebrating Kids’ Month, and you are welcome to drop by and make friends with her and other kids-loving friends.

Three Limerick Tale of Leprechaun and Kitten

Glass plate with a stained glass shamrock

Tiny O’Toole loved a kitten.
He felt himself hard bitten.
“Ouch!” he cried.
“Open wide!”
He stuffed her in his mitten.

“Now, that’s not fitting’,”
complained the kitten.
“Let me out
or I’ll shout.
After all, I’m no Briton!”

O’Toole sipped mead,
and then he agreed:
“Come out!
No doubt
you mistook me for tweed.”

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The art work is a stained glass plate I made with my daughter. A limerick is a light-hearted poem with the rhyming pattern AABBA. A lines are shorter than B lines. My all-time most viewed post is Leprechaun Limerick. I also wrote a set of three limericks on being Irish.

Love is a Kite

Love is a Kite

Love is a kite.
It carries you up
to a terrifying height
until you can see
the future, the past and now.
Love is art.
Only the heart
can hold steady,
ride the wind,
dance aflame and remain the same.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: My 6 year old daughter and I spent the afternoon making Valentine art. You see mine above. My hubby asked if I planned to put it on my website, and I said no. He said, you should. So I listened, with my heart, and here it is. I hope it lifts you up, as it did me. Happy Valentine’s Day! Warmly, Brenda

In Defense of Art

Rabbit in Rain, by bench

Some people see nature
and have to make art.
Sculpt, paint, illustrate,
immortalize and why?
To revisit that moment
to freeze it, never leave it.
We tinker, change
renew, remake, even fake.
If only time were a centrifuge,
spinning inward the best parts,
the sweetest, fleeting moments,
all together in the center
in one memory maelstrom
of magical moments.
The longest hug, the first kiss,
a safe landing from the scariest ride,
getting your first job,
the moment you finished a book that changed your life,
the scents of coffee, chocolate, pastries and tea
intertwined in your favorite cafe,
finishing your best work ever,
the night you laughed so hard you cried,
getting a parking space beside the door when you’re crazy late,
the number of stars visible on the darkest night,
and when you finally gave birth in an agony of warm liquid
only to have those new, moist eyes transfix you.
We could live there at the center
if we could fix to our walls the art of each moment.
Isn’t it worth trying?

Stone rabbit in rain

Note: We found the first rabbit, huddled in the rain, when we visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The poor thing seemed to roll his eyes at us, as if our taking a picture of him while he was cold and wet was the final indignity of a long, hungry day. We found the second rabbit in a garden. I was struck by how someone had seen the crack in him, and had just tucked a scarlet dahlia behind his ear. My children were young enough to wonder why we were at a Museum at all. I told them we were there to see art, and they looked at me blankly. I told them we were looking for secret doors and hidden rooms. Everywhere we went, we looked at the angle of things and speculated which painting might conceal a secret passage. These photographs remind me of that day. Let’s remember only good things, at least today. Maybe we can even take one of them and make it into art. Have a magical day! Warmly, Brenda

I Want to be a Fairy

Purple Fairy by Brenda Davis Harsham

Painting by Brenda Davis Harsham

A lovely blogger named Line at Paths of the Spirit wrote this beautiful poem in honor of my daughter’s fifth birthday, and gave it to her as a gift. How sweet is that? I painted a tiny fairy for it and put them together here for all fairy tale lovers who also want to be fairies:

I want to be a fairy
Beautiful and wee
I want to fly with fairy wings
And live inside a tree

I want to be a fairy
Beautiful and wee
I want to play with fairy things
And sleep inside a leaf

I want to be a fairy
Beautiful and wee
I want to eat the fairies’ cakes
And drink the fairies’ tea

I want to be a fairy
Beautiful and wee
I want to have some fairy friends
Who’ll come and play with me

I want to be a fairy
Beautiful and wee
But I am just a little girl
With lots of fairy dreams

Thank you, Line, you are an angel!  Warmly, Brenda