Bees and Fairies

haiku and fairy artwork by artist/illustrator Michelle Kogan

Used by Permission of Michelle Kogan

Thanks to Michelle Kogan, a Poetry Friday friend, for this stunning poetry postcard, with strawberries, bees and a Monarch fairy!Her poem:

june berries abound
bees buzz, fairies flutter, and
mother nature nods . . .

I wrote her a poem, in reply, and celebrating Tuesday’s thundershowers:

Like the bees and fairies,
I’m sunshine-happy,
Dash for the door
as lightning brightens
a darkening day.
Rage divine.
Wet earth. Mint leaves.
Bitter tomato stems.
I soak it up.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Happy Poetry Friday! Thanks to Diane Mayr at Random Noodling for hosting! Thanks to Tabatha for organizing the summer poetry postcard swap. Such fun to send and receive. Thanks, Michelle!

I’ll be away at a family wedding, but I will try to catch up with everyone on Sunday. Or Monday. Have a magical weekend!

58 thoughts on “Bees and Fairies

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  3. Beautiful postcard features of fairy as a monarch butterfly and her precious words were a treat.
    Brenda, your lovely answering poem back was imaginative and describing a storm as “rage divine!” Wow, shivers.

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  4. Crash! – and dash … Perfect pairing of words. Lovely to see the original postcards (gotta love the butterfly winged fairies) and both the poems it inspired. Enjoy the wedding – and the time with family!

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  5. Love both the original and the reply!
    You’ve reminded me of a thought as I picked tomatoes from my mother’s garden…how can such a sweet, smooth red tomato come from such a bitter, rough green stalk?

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  6. Thanks for posting my summer postcard swap to you Brenda! Here’s a link to the Postcard in my Etsy Shop:
    Love the encroaching storm you’ve described in your poem, and the twist in this line is powerful,
    “as lightning brightens
    a darkening day.”
    Hope you get to soak up some more sunshine too!

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