Your Color is Hope


“Moon Song” Used with Permission of Artist Lisa Telling Kattenbraker

Your color is hope,
birdsong on sunbeams,
a peaceful night’s sleep,
a bittersweet violin air,
raindrops on cottage roses
in full-spiced bloom,
the last snowflake of May,
and the urge to sail
over blue-green waves
with moon-drunk words
on my lips, tasting hope.

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Many thanks to Ann Haman for showing me this art and arranging for me to post a poem with it. I fell in love with the art by Lisa Telling Kattenbraker. I listened to Bach’s Air on the G String while I edited. Thanks to Laura Shovan who celebrates her birthday month with an outpouring of poetry, from which this poem bubbled up.

Happy Poetry Friday and thanks to Renée LaTulippe at No Water River for hosting.

Poetry Friday Heron

70 thoughts on “Your Color is Hope

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  2. Your poem is heavenly and fits the art perfectly. Did you succumb to the delights of the artist’s webpage? I couldn’t resist and purchased a small print!

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  3. This is a lovely piece you penned Brenda, and J. S. Bach’s “Air On the G String,” is a favorite of mine–I’m listening to it now, music that gives me goose bumps in its voice. Gorgeous dress she has on, the setting is perfect!
    “and the urge to sail
    over blue-green waves
    with moon-drunk words
    on my lips, tasting hope.”
    Thanks for your gorgeous poem!

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