You’re the AMAZING YOU

When doors slam, 
things look tough, or 
your heart is drumming it, 

Remember you’re 
and keep humming it.

You can’t be BRAVE 
if you aren’t AFRAID  
and overcoming it. 

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham 

Notes: Sometimes I just need all caps to remember something I’ve been working on since childhood — hey, if being brave were easy, we wouldn’t even need a word for it. So in these tumultuous times, remember, we’re all humming it, even if we’re making it look easy. May you find that little bit of magic that makes the day go your way.

14 thoughts on “You’re the AMAZING YOU

  1. Gorgeous flowers. Hope your job hunting is paying off (I guess the pun is intended). You can’t practice brave…you just have to keep your feet in one place and not let whatever is standing in front of you, push you backward. And you have to believe that you’re the biggest dog on the block.

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