Ode to Photography

present and past.
Frozen moments,
remembered and forgotten.
ordinary and extraordinary.

Photographic power
reveals in light and dark
what my mother looked like as
a young girl,
or my father as
he welcomed me to the world,
or myself
as I smiled between
brother and sister
whose faces are only visible
in black and white now.

Lost faces, missed warmth, people
linger in shades, lines, and shapes,
like hieroglyphics of the past.

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: For World Photography Day today, I offer this ode, in gratitude for how concrete my memories are, of times past.

26 thoughts on “Ode to Photography

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  2. Lovely ode.
    I like the old photos better in a way. They are more special, precious. A Brownie Fiesta, a roll of film, getting it developed, the excitement of picking them up and seeing how they came out.
    People didn’t take zillions of pics every day on their smart phones, and plaster them everywhere.

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