Open to the Sun


I won’t focus on shadows.
I won’t hide my head.
I’ll open to the sun
like the tiny phlox
that blooms,
even on cold days,
and I’ll breathe in
life-giving energy
from across space
that blankets the earth
in hot radiance.
Light connects us all,
each to each,
in our separate houses,
shops, cars, and fields.
I’ll be grateful for
sunshine, for warmth,
and for connections,
distant, virtual, but here.

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Here is an anthem for a world apart, where quarantines are common and social distancing and masks have become the price of in-person contact. My heart goes out to those affected by wildfires, and I hope to never see a fire tornado in person. More locally, we got some rain, finally, and it was a blessing.

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