Hope is Green


hope is scented like
green tomatoes on the vine,
bitter and earthy

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: The battle for produce continues in my small garden. I’ve confirmed that both chipmunks and squirrels spend time in my garden, helping themselves to the tomatoes. They prefer the ripe ones, but they will nibble the green ones, too. If I chase them out, they chirp at me from the shrubbery, chiding and complaining. I tied bags around the tomatoes, but they have already pulled off or eaten through two bags. I sprayed the remaining bags with neem oil, cayenne pepper and peppermint. Cucumber beetles meanwhile are silent but deadly. Only one last cucumber remains.

Writing Tips: Don’t give up your dreams. Even if success seems remote and hope bitter (or devoured by squirrels), keep working toward your goals. I joined a critique group last month, and this month I signed up for a virtual conference to dust off my manuscripts. The scent may be bitter, but it’s the scent of growing things.

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