Silence of Swallowtails


this green world
teems with bees, toads, and slugs,
we’re never alone

even silence seems happy
when a swallowtail visits

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: I’ve been working hard on house renovations and garden upgrades. We found a toad in our garage a few days ago. We hope he made it back to the garden. We relocated an orange slug from our tomatoes to the woods. And we are sharing our ripe tomatoes with chipmunks and squirrels. So far the score is 5 for them, 2 for us. Our fence isn’t enough to keep them out. Sigh. I also harvested zucchini and chard. My favorite moment was the visit by the swallowtail. I always appreciate a butterfly.

Gardening is good for your heart, your health, your spirits and your mood. Even if the cucumber beetles are a drag. 🙂

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