Fly By


The world hums with voices
as the warm days fly by,
people in pain
virus numbers climbing
exhausted frontline workers
and protestors in peril.

People walk paths
that I cannot see
but their words,
their voices,
in the quarantine silence.

I’ve made mistakes,
I’ve been wrong.
But I’m
as the warm days fly by.

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

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Notes: I miss conversations with friends, and the news is bewildering. Terrifying even. Our president tweets in support of “white power” rather than either formulating a unifying plan to track and contain over 2,500,000 diagnosed US coronavirus cases or addressing systemic racism targeting minorities.

Happy 4th, if you celebrate it.

This July 4th, I’ll celebrate some great American thinkers, authors and poets. Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou. Little Fires EverywhereWhite Fragility. So You Want To Talk About Race. How To Be An AntiRacist. The Origin of Others. Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race. White Rage.

I’ll stargaze on sleepless nights and laugh with the orioles. I’ll dance and drink and sing, till some blind hand shall brush my wing (William Blake). I’ll rise and feel my soul fly.

Be safe, and I hope you find some magic in this humming world.

29 thoughts on “Fly By

  1. just flutter on by, and know we will get through it. i miss things too, but know they will return in time. the waiting is the hardest when there is so much uncertainty and no real timeline. your posts always leave me feeling positive and uplifted, and i look forward to your posts on the 4th )

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  2. A beautiful and prose reflection speaking a lot about human values and the art of conversation executed in an aesthetic fashion. The crisis has taught us to be human first and the biggest lesson that perhaps lost on many.

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  3. A trying time. If I just think about one day, today, I’m fine. two days, not so much. For me, talking on the phone or by FaceTime or What’s App is a life saver. And makes m thin, Well, there is at least one little thing I can do to help.

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    • The 1918 flu unfolded over two years. The world survived. My husband’s grandfather remembered staying at the family doctor’s house when he was five. Missing his family. I wonder how my kids will remember this time. At least we already have connections we’ve made online to sustain us.

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