Art and Artifice


Every child dreams,
creates art,
writes poetry,
sings songs.
Why do most stop?

I’m thankful for those
who didn’t stop,
for Vincent van Gogh’s
sunflowers, Frida Kahlo’s
self-portraits, Jacob Lawrence’s
dreams, JeeYoung Lee’s
otherworlds, Picasso’s
Don Quixote, Frank Lloyd Wright’s
fallingwater, Mary Oliver’s
Wild Geese, Nikki Giovanni’s
Ego Tripping.

Every child
knows it’s fun
to play with words,
to be the sphinx,
to fly like a bird,
to cover your hands
with color.

Shapes, colors, words,
loose, tight, true,
false, weak and light.

Adults know hidden

What is wrong?
What broke?

Where is our sense of play?
Our joy of words and color?

We need

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Thanks to Cadmus38 for inspiring this post. Everywhere I look in the world, I see strength, caring and magic among my friends, family and neighbors. But also, I see the need for healing. I see flowers behind bars.

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16 thoughts on “Art and Artifice

  1. A lot of people are crushed by responsibility. I think that’s the killer of creativity and joy for so many. Poverty, stress, relationships, having children, money, running on the work wheel, with no free time. Deadly adult things that people do in order to survive.

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