Glorious Color


As the cardinal calls
pretty, pretty, pretty,
apple blossoms
quiver like
cabbage butterflies
in lilac-scented sunshine.
Spires of sage flowers
wave with purple majesty
beside a burgeoning bank
of oregano. Purple-tipped
lavender spears
curve to the south.
Tiny yellow stars
and trefoil leaves of rue
trend skyward
as the garden riots
with glorious color.
Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Copyright 2020 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Just as the garden is more splendid with all its glorious colors, this world is more splendid with all its diverse colors and cultures. Peaceful protests catalyzed by the murder of George Floyd — #BlackLivesMatter and “I can’t breathe” — are advocating for this world to be safer and for police to be held accountable for brutality. Am I the only one noticing a pattern of police publicly changing their stories from protestors having accidents or “resisting arrest” to admitting violence against protestors when undeniable videos surface? Their credibility is shot. I have deep respect for people doing hard jobs or putting themselves in danger, but we can’t allow the targeting and subjugation of people of color. We need accountability. We need reform. We need healing.

9 thoughts on “Glorious Color

  1. Well in all honesty, I don’t believe in god but as a naturalist that has never prevented me from being fully immersed and entranced with the beauty of the natural world. I can have really deep intrinsic thoughts that most of my peers in school rolled their eyes at to having a profound appreciation for simplicity that many others saw as a waste of time as they texted away on their phones and dismissed as boring or said has no value whatsoever.

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