Autumnal treat

Speaking of gilded tomes, I read the Apprentice Witch by James Nicol, and it was delicious! Now I’m in the middle of Black Witch, very suspenseful. I’m also reading Hunter, Elite and Apex by Mercedes Lackey. Yum, such fun! A little magic with my Halloween chocolate. And here is some magic from Lavender.

Lavender Moon: Artist, Poet and Lover of Nature

Autumn’s door closes as

Winter’s door opens to

A welcoming hearth of

Glowing embers: friends remembered.

Bessoms sweeping crispy leaves,

Birds feeding on filigree seeds.

Sipping warm mead, reading

Gilded tomes about far away homes,

goblins, gnomes, fairies and

Treasure troves.

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Lavender Longing

Bumblebee on lavender

Used with permission of Diary of Dennis

lavender longing
nothing else matters

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Thanks to Dennis for letting me use this photograph of his — it inspired my haiku. Please visit him for advice on photographing insects, which was above my head. If my iPhone can’t do it, I’m out of luck.

Butterfly Twilight


Used by permission of Jessica Hagan

Vanessa dances
at dusk in the begonias
scent of lavender

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Thanks to Jessica Hagan for letting me use her beautiful photograph of the American Lady Butterfly, Vanessa Virginiensis!

Tenacity: a Visual Haiku


blue dormancy
bitter winter winds cease
lavender in March

HAIKU INVITATION! Please feel free to leave your own haiku here, in the comments, to celebrate spring and the tenacity of all creatures who survive the bitter winds of winter. So much more could be said, perhaps by you!

Note: The photograph is a visual haiku: a photograph suggesting more than is there. In this case, the photograph made me think of the tenacity of life, to go dormant, slumber throughout the cold, and then wake to sunshine and spring.  Another Visual Haiku is at Come and Gone.

White Witch in Winter

Winter Berries

Conjure me a warm day;
Bend holly into a wreath.
Leave trinkets where they lay,
Intertwine grasses from the heath.

Weave in some dried lavender,
Intersperse some winter berries,
Neglect not magical provender,
Add a curl of thyme for the fairies.

In the gloaming, carry it nigh.
“With some warmth, you’ll be blessed,”
Spake the White Witch’s soft sigh.
“I take with joy these things for my nest.”

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Inspired by the Sunday Whirl, Wordle 144.