Tenacity: a Visual Haiku


blue dormancy
bitter winter winds cease
lavender in March

HAIKU INVITATION! Please feel free to leave your own haiku here, in the comments, to celebrate spring and the tenacity of all creatures who survive the bitter winds of winter. So much more could be said, perhaps by you!

Note: The photograph is a visual haiku: a photograph suggesting more than is there. In this case, the photograph made me think of the tenacity of life, to go dormant, slumber throughout the cold, and then wake to sunshine and spring.  Another Visual Haiku is at Come and Gone.

28 thoughts on “Tenacity: a Visual Haiku

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  5. Brenda, Not being a plant kinda guy, I don’t notice as much change here in FL. Though the oak trees will shed their leaves one day and bloom new leaves within 3 or 4 days. And likewise the grass, one day it is a dormant extremely ugly green/brown to the next were it is a lovely green that needs to be cut at least once a week. We just don’t have the lovely spring cascade of lovely flowers and new growth. Take care, Bill


    • I love the new leaves springing out. To me it’s amazing that those tiny buds hold such a wealth of green. It seems the trees go from bare to green in an instant.


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