Before the Rain

Thickly petaled cherry blooms

unfurling bravely
raising face toward the sun,
before the rain

Copyright 2019 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: More petals in puddles than on branches today, but still worth celebrating that moment of bloom. This time of year is when I celebrate my birthday, this fragile day of Spring when it could be sunny and warm or cold and rainy. I’ve even seen snow flurries. A time of possibility and passion. 🙂 Have a magical day, this last day of the month.

18 thoughts on “Before the Rain

  1. My white Azaleas are just starting to open, most of the other colors have already popped and filled their bushes with purples, oranges and reds… Perhaps it is their location – or maybe they are waiting to wish you a Happy Birthday 😉

    The forsythias have also lost most of their brilliant yellow. We were driving back from somewhere and I think I saw a yellow Magnolia Tulip tree. Most of the ones I have ever seen are white. Hope your Magnolias are as spectacular as that tree!

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