Spring Rain


rain plops
plink, plink
shiny drops
trees drink

squirrels scatter
flowers glisten
birds natter
i listen

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: This is a revision of my poem from 2015 titled Spring Rain Crescendo, a love note to brevity, and a joyous welcoming of rain after I planted annuals and herbs. Grow, Basil! Grow, Rosemary! Grow, Begonias!

Writing Tip: Make it shorter.

Happy Poetry Friday, and thanks to Kiera at Whispers from the Ridge for hosting!

Poetry Friday Heron

45 thoughts on “Spring Rain

  1. Hi Brenda! I thought I left a message earlier, but I don’t see it. How are you doing? That’s an amazingly-perfect tulip you’ve photographed. Sweet poem! We have had enough rain to be under a flood watch. The grass seems to like it though — the mowers can’t keep up.

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    • We’ve already mowed as many times as all of last summer, although we are not the keepers of a perfect lawn, by any reckoning. LOL Still, everything is lush and green. We’ve had small spots of flooding, but nothing major. I love this cool weather.

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  2. What a sensual setting…listening to that fabulous rain. I love it. The setting here is so much more story than any story. Well done. And, that perfect flower! Your photograph?

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  3. You described this very moment in my life!

    Well, rain is actually swishing and gushing more than plinking and plopping, and there is a steady grumbly rumble of thunder adding to the green symphony, but the trees are drinking and the squirrels and birds will be back out later…or tomorrow!

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  4. Brenda, your peony is lovely. When I came home from visiting my grandbaby my peonies had already opened but I loved them so much that I brought the flowers into the house to enjoy when the week of rains came. The good news is the same as yours. Growth is fostered.

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  5. Early on, we had just enough of those shiny drops to make our world come alive, but lately, the usual hot and so dry. That’s the usual, now watering! Thanks, Brenda.

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