Truth not Lies

June 4, 2017, I marched for Truth
among throngs of thousands.
For truth is more than a word.
Truth is right from wrong.
Truth is refuge and solace for
Americans, tall and small.
Truth is answers
to questions, asked by all.
Truth is the heart of democracy.
We want answers.
We want truth.
Don’t summarize, placate,
conclude, hide, spin, arrest,
twist, evade and obfuscate.
Don’t send out spokespeople with lies.
When will you realize?
You have our eyes,
and we are watching.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: It rained. It was sunny. It rained. Even the weather expressed its displeasure. The crowd expressed its dissatisfaction, calling for transparency not a secret investigation. We want an independent commission, not a special counsel. We celebrated our democracy, which isn’t perfect. But we still have free speech, the freedom to assemble and the ability to request improvements from elected officials.

27 thoughts on “Truth not Lies

  1. My hat is off to you and all those who Marched for Truth! We cannot simply accept the status quo and allow the culture of lies to become the norm. Great job, Brenda! Thank you on behalf of those who were unable to attend.

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