Room to Bloom


Like a flower, just opened,
hiding secrets
in my heart,
I have room to bloom,
to stretch and expand
into sunshine,
one petal at a time.
No rush, no hurry,
nothing to prove.
I am each petal,
each leaf,
the stem,
and the roots,
holding deep and sure.
I am time itself,
measured in thoughts
and raindrops.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Happy Poetry Friday! Thanks to Mary Lee at A Year of Reading for hosting!

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79 thoughts on “Room to Bloom

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  2. Really nice poem and love the picture .. It’s been one of those weeks another family funeral to attend and this time my partners mother so reading this really helps to bring sunshine into the world … Also as flowers paid such an important part on Thursday at the funeral and Friday when my partner and her brother both florists prepared a wedding arrangement for a lady of 66 marrying a man of 78 it’s the two sides of the coin as the reverent read a passage from the bible ‘ As in Life We Re in Death and Jesus is the resurrection and the life .. In all of us .. Never understood until that day … Be well Barbara … β­οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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    • Thanks, Ian. Sorry to hear about your partner’s mother. Never easy to lose a mother, no matter what your age. Yes, the two are always with us, death and life. Once you have gotten close to death, you can never really forget. But it leads you to cherish every day. To realize that each day, each peony, each birdsong is a miracle of chance. At least, that is how I’ve come to see it. Best, Brenda


  3. Your gorgeous words are exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thank you for reminding me there is “no rush, no hurry.” That peony is breathtaking! Mine are in a spot with a little too much shade, so they are taking their time to bloom.

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      • Secrets should look like double-thickened cream, aren’t they yummy? πŸ™‚ I tried to take a Georgia O’Keeffe-esque photo that revealed something surprising about the flower. Where the light would make the flower a foreign landscape. Intention and desire don’t often align, but that is partly where the poem came from, as well.

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  4. I love this! I was looking at some flowers today and thinking of something I recently heard: “Seeds, not switches.” In other words, we are planting seeds, not flipping switches. It holds true in so many areas. Ruth,

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  5. Brenda, this is a great affirmation of who you are (as Mary Lee noted). I really like the comparison to a bloom ready to blossom, especially with these lines: Like a flower, just opened,
    hiding secrets
    in my heart,
    I have room to bloom…

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  6. Those peonies are breath-taking, beginning our summer joys. “Room to bloom” is what I wished for my children, and now for the grandchildren, am glad that I’ve had that in my life, too. Beautiful, Brenda!

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