Thief of Dreams

Gate shadows on snow

Thief of dreams,
rambler in blizzard white,
shadow on virgin snow,

Old Man Winter,
tell a tale this cold night
before you go.

Scents of polar bear, pine tree,
wild dog and arctic wolf
cling to your icy crystals.

You left the princess asleep
and the prince enchanted.
The evil king has defeated

the queen, but she will have
her day. Silence the women,
but nevertheless, we persist.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Happy Poetry Friday! Thanks to Katie, a Wisconsin language arts and social studies teacher, at The Logonauts for hosting!

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I’m a bit weighed down by politics today. The Senate used an arcane rule to muzzle Elizabeth Warren. Have other writers had people try to silence them? Some see me as lacking understanding and have tried to silence me. Nonetheless, I believe I will persist in writing from my heart and supporting free speech, freedom of religion and due process. And magic.

We’re having our second snow day in a row. Here is a link to a poem I wrote to celebrate one of those, Ode to a Snow Day.


49 thoughts on “Thief of Dreams

  1. It was 80 here yesterday, the weather very strange, still snowy in the mountains for skiing, though. I love it all, but especially the one with scents on the snow. I like reading it!

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    • We are snowed in for a second day here. I went sledding down the hill on my knees for the first time today. Howling. LOL We won’t hit the 80s for weeks, maybe months. I miss it, though. This is our first big storm of the year, and last year was light, too. So we were all happy (in my house) to welcome a Nor’easter. We are expecting more snow on Monday. That would be colossal. A weekend to remember.


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