We bring flowers when we
love and worship
not threats and illegal detentions.
Executive orders can’t
overrule due process and
rule of law,
carefully built over
of tolerance,
common sense,
justice and balance.

Our country will overcome
this madness
served up in the name
of making America great.
Whose America?
My America was already great.
If your America isn’t great,
perhaps you should stop
focusing on image and money
and bring flowers.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: The Muslim Ban issued right before a weekend is a disgrace. I am ashamed of our president. Thank you to all the lawyers, judges and protestors who have taken time away from their personal lives to fight this illegal discriminatory ban. Visas can only be revoked for national security reasons, not for the whim of a paranoid, fearful administration. We should be fighting real threats, not picking a fight with every muslim in the world, dividing families and sowing fear and hatred.


31 thoughts on “Worship

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  3. I am on the other side of this issue. Read the law and the actual executive order. It’s not a ban really, it’s a “pause” until we can do a better job of screening. It’s 7 countries who have had a history of terrorism against the US. It’s for 90 days and they can still bring refugees in that are facing religious persecution and more with a variety of reasons for entry. Don’t just take what the press says and run with it. It does not even mention Muslims. I hope that you can understand that we don’t all see eye to eye on all matters. I just have to say this because if I don’t, everyone assumes that Trump got elected by no one. We are a quiet lot, standing back and watching and listening to the opposition, and are quite taken aback by the lack of understanding and grace afforded us, and actual discriminatory remarks. I sense a hatred against me and others of like mind, and feel fear because of this post and the comments.


    • Hi Donna,

      I am sad you feel fear from a post that simply asks for us to worship rather than hate. I’m sad that you assume my ignorance. Where are you getting your information if not from the press? I believe the executive order, as written, is illegal under our constitution. I have studied constitutional law. If we don’t have freedom of religion, free speech and due process, we lose three important pieces of America. I acknowledge your right to oppose me and support the current administration. I’m not accusing you of anything. But I won’t be silenced when I disagree with and am ashamed by what our President has done. That is the essence of free speech, contained in the first amendment.

      I personally know Syrian refugees who settled near me. They are human beings fleeing war. They are lovely people who will be separated from their families by this order. We need to stop demonizing each other.

      I reread the post and the comments. No one is suggesting violence toward you or toward the administration. Why do you feel comments directed at a president’s actions are directed at you? We wrote poetry together for a month last year. Your politics are your own concern. Mine are my own. The rhetoric of this election ripped a lot of scabs off our country’s unhealed wounds. I hope for healing, but not at the cost of throwing away my rights and silencing my voice.

      I feel sad that a president who speaks of women as he does has been elected. I listen to him, and I hear someone who boasts, who promises things he cannot deliver without ripping the heart out of the constitution. I hear the words of someone who believes that only he has the answers. That is a dangerous point of view that isn’t unknown in history. But I don’t hate him or anyone. I feel sadness that he doesn’t seem to remember how to love and celebrate human life. We are all humans with the same needs. We should be humble and remember no one of us has all the answers or all the responsibility. Not even a president.

      I am happy you feel able to share your feelings with me. I don’t wish you or anyone any harm.

      Have a great weekend ahead. Best, Brenda


  4. Words of a poet need not make others smile. The sprites and fairies will come back when we stop hiding from the ugly that is happening. Some people want to make women smile and be pretty. Some don’t understand the depth behind the smile and mirth! Your poems are just right and needed in force!!!!

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  5. SIGH…! When will you go back to fairies, kids and gardens. They cry out for your attention! We miss the happy, imaginative young (you still are—unless the protest becomes an obsession—!!!) story teller we know and love dearly. Mr Donald will have four years to prove himself. will you keep it up for four years and deny the rest of us your loving happy self! PLEASE DON’T IGNORE YOUR FANS AND FRIENDS…PLEASE! WE DESPERATELY NEED THE ANGEL OF YOUR BETTER NATURE! 🙂 Please…….we need you to help us see the brighter sides of life…not the dark! 😦

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