Who am I?

Broken shell in the sand

Some days, I am round
like the sun,
but my ancient face
is shadowy.
My axis tilts
toward creation.
I rotate my
I turn my back.
I wander my own path
in the light of stars.
I creep back to bask
in hot-honey light
that burns me white
till I call the oceans,
churning the tide
to cool me, send their tears
to wash me away,
day by day, waning.
I paint my pallor
onto night waves,
until I disappear
like a black cat,
only to return for dinner
with a grin.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This was inspired by #10FoundWords by and for Poetry Friday friend, Laura Shovan, an accomplished poet. Today’s ten words are from Linda Baie:

“I read about the moon often, real science, stories, and poems, too, so thought this might be an interesting article showing changes, a topic we lately care about more than usual.”



Did the ‘man in the moon’ look different from ancient Earth? Yes, according to new research showing that the moon has undergone what’s called True Polar…


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