Happy National Poetry Day


This is just to say…

Thank you, Earth

that held tight trees
bent to their knees
in hurricane winds and

that imprints time itself
on gorges, stone and shelf,
in the language of fossil hieroglyphics.

Thank you, Stones

that, in stillness, filter clean
water in openings between
tiny stones and soil

yet still cup oceans and rivers,
reflect clouds in shining slivers,
and remember dinosaurs and glaciers.

Thank you, Soil

that warms bulbs and seeds
of flowers, trees and weeds
through the long, white winter

and mothers green shoots
gently soothes new roots
with tender hands, black, moist and fragrant.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham


Notes: October 6, 2016 is UK National Poetry Day, and I am happy to chime in from across the Pond. If you have a message to the Earth or for any of its creatures, feel free to add your voice.


Pop over to Violet Nesdoly’s blog to join Poetry Friday. Thanks for hosting, Violet!

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52 thoughts on “Happy National Poetry Day

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  2. I’m in awe of all God’s gorgeous creation – but I’ve got to give the rain some love. 🙂

    Thank-you Rain
    that washes sky-blue clean;
    kisses colours crisp and clear;
    as gorges gorge and gush
    to rush
    like rivers.

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  3. Brenda, this is sensational. This so reminds me of Mary Oliver’s work. I can’t wait to send you a copy of “Evidence” soon! Thanks for visiting Amy’s Sharing our Notebooks page and for leaving your thoughtful comment!

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    • I love Mary Oliver. I’m trying to really plumb the depths of what I’m trying to say. Her poetry is helping me figure out how. My pleasure to read about you and Amy. Are you sending me a copy of “Evidence?” Yay!


  4. Happy National Poetry Day, Brenda. What a lovely way to celebrate! I love the way this poem sounds, and especially “and mothers green shoots/gently soothes new roots”, just perfect.

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