Light as Air

Faux feathered luxe gray and cream strapless ballgown

Used by Permission of Resa at

Princesses dance,
light as air,
think swan-light, 
skirts swirling
feathers twirling,
arms held high
without effort,
Never showing strain
never showing pain,
up on toes
spine supple,
never bumbling,
never stumbling,
Princesses love
circling crowds,
flashing bulbs,
being chased,
being chaste,
Princesses remember
perfect nights
when luck was in —
gowns were silky
without snag or sag,
the music flowed,
the night slowed,

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Resa at Art Gowns makes gowns to-die-for, princess-perfect, luck-is-in, gowns for nights to remember. I remember wearing a strapless bridesmaid gown to my stepbrother’s wedding. I dieted all summer to be able to carry it off even though it didn’t have carefully hand-frayed feathers responsibly constructed from Swiss dotted net and cotton muslin. What might one do to wear a dress like Resa’s? Her gown channels the Swan ballet. In it, you might become the Sky Princess, sunny, stormy, changeable as the sky itself. This poem emerged from those daydreams as well as the recent maelstrom of presidential debates, the Trump tapes, ballroom dancing movies, balancing on a bathtub painting walls and a John Oliver binge.

Do you remember a perfect Princess night, either as the Princess or with the Princess of your dreams?

25 thoughts on “Light as Air

  1. Dear Brenda,
    You have written a perfect poem for my creation,
    It is such an honor that you, who has bundles of talent, inner beauty & inspiration, has found beauty & inspiration in what I do.
    I love the poem!!! I am humbled, thrilled, dancing and “smiling”. BIG SMILING! Much love to you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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