Dinosaur Dawn

Canadian Kestrel

Used by Permission of Cindy Knoke

Baby Oriole

Used by Permission of Cindy Knoke

Hummingbird with pink cheek

Used by Permission of Cindy Knoke

When dinosaurs greeted the dawn,
perhaps they tweeted and twittered,
while they preened and flirted,
just as their modern descendants
greet the dawn with a chorus that
rattles shutters and billows curtains.

Birds descend from avian dinosaurs.
Even mighty T-Rex has more in common
with birds than with alligators, despite
the snap in his step and bite in his bounce.
I can see T-Rex, perched on a cliff,
crowing every morning like a rooster.

Imagine the world in dinosaur days —
those great bird ancestors, colorful as orioles
and hummingbirds, kestrels and cardinals,
bigger than circling Andean condors,
playing hide and seek in a forested world,
a world of song and feather, poet-heard.

If the prehistoric dawn chorus is unrecorded,
it’s not unimagined. I hear its echo
in the dim darkness each morning —
a dinosaur dawn-song is the start to my day.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Thanks to Cindy Knoke whose nature photography never fails to inspire. Andean Condors have a 10-foot wing span, and they are the largest flying birds in the modern world. Happy Poetry Friday to everyone in advance! Thanks to Karen Edmisten for hosting. Lets of great poetry at Karen’s site, starting Friday morning.

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48 thoughts on “Dinosaur Dawn

  1. I’m applauding on this side of the screen. First, what incredible photos! And, what a fun and imaginative poem.
    I loved “the snap in his step and bite in his bounce.” That’s just fantastic! Way to go, this week!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love that you traveled so far back from those beautiful photos in imagining that pre-historic dawn. The sounds today are rather loud, so in yesteryear, must have been a huge wake-up call. Love the t-rex/rooster call!

    Liked by 1 person

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