Summer Cluster


Summer days cluster
together like roses,
abloom with
heedless abandon,
cheek by jowl,
in hot pink intimacy.
Their sweet fragrance
carries ghosts
of every rose-laden
summer day
like the one where
I felt a rose petal
against my cheek
for the first time.
And the one when
roses shed hundreds
of petals in the first
cold breeze,
as if summer itself
were falling to pieces.
Petals may fall, but today
summer is still here,
whatever may come

Copyright 2106 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Summer is over for so many in the US, as school is resuming. In New England, we have until after Labor Day to enjoy our summer. But Labor Day is around the corner. Summer feels too short this year, as mine has been taken up by surgery and its aftermath. Enjoy the dwindling days.

14 thoughts on “Summer Cluster

  1. Summer was my favorite season as a teacher. . . Ha ha ha! I used to love having my Mom “off” and her need to do things with us fulfilled. It was like the Eagles, “a peaceful, easy feeling” where we wrote “Lumpy Louise and Tattered Tilly” and made with handstitches the dolls who were friends. Then, elaborate tea parties with my neighbor girls, dress ups and tiny cakes, wee drops of cookies, good dishes and putting our pinkies out while holding our tea cups. We always had a vacation to my grandparents house in Florida and sometimes Massachusetts relatives. Often Mom would sign up for her in-service conferences out of state. So Dad was in charge while we explored Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Boston. All kinds of museums, Zoo’s and swimming in hotel pools.
    I miss summers like that, but my grandies and my kids came to love Lake Erie and the Cleveland museums. ❤ Heading towards there for Labor Day, with my shadow, Micah by my side. 🙂

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