Moving with a Siamese Cat, poem by Brenda Davis Harsham (WHEN I MOVED Poetry and Prose Series)

Silver Birch Press published another poem, this time one that recalls moving with my cat, when I was a younger woman. Thank you Silver Birch Press and Melanie!

Silver Birch Press

HarshamMoving with a Siamese Cat
by Brenda Davis Harsham

There is no agony more sublime
than moving with a Siamese cat,
yowling, howling in his box
for hours on end
until any end seems
more appealing
than continuing.
He refuses food,
refuses water,
and stares at me with
enormous freaked-out eyes,
ears back in his I’ll-Get-You look
with fangs bared.
When I release him in a motel,
my nerves are shot, I put out
food and water before I
eat myself, but it’s no good.
All night.
Without stop.
Sniffing every corner,
stalking every shadow,
walking along mirror tops,
falling into the tub,
all while giving
an unearthly howl
of betrayal, rage, bewilderment
spiced with promises
of revenge.
If a cat could file for divorce,
moving two days
from home in a U-Haul
would be under
mental cruelty
and irreconcilable differences
Why did no one mention

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12 thoughts on “Moving with a Siamese Cat, poem by Brenda Davis Harsham (WHEN I MOVED Poetry and Prose Series)

  1. This sounds agonizing! I have heard most cats are like this, but I am merely a cat-sitter for my friends, Jenny and Dave. The cats have accidents, shoving glass trays off of dressers and when my friends get home, they even leave missed the cat litter box droppings, not for me, but for their errant parents to step in or find. (She has cream colored carpet!) Once they left over Christmas and the barn calico cats dumped a big red cranberry candle upon its top, leaving a dry red imprint of a circle. I didn’t even attempt to use the spot cleaner to remove the red! Imagine the speed and height of how far the candle must go to imprint a color upon carpet, by the way!

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