If I Were a Bee…


If I were a bee,
this is where I’d be.
No detour to a tree,
no swimming in sweet pea,
but lighting on a lily,
pretty as can be.

I’d fly back to the hive,
enough pollen for five,
zip into a nose dive,
aquiver, thrumming, alive,
with enough vim to thrive.

Oh the colors I’d see,
dancing on anything I fancy,
a laden fig tree
or a floral marquee.
Why not? I’m the Queen Bee!
Where would you be?

Note: I imagine myself a bee today. What would you be? And where would you go? I’d like to know. Happy Poetry Friday tomorrow, hosted thanks to Julieanne Harmatz of To Read To Write To Be this week.

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54 thoughts on “If I Were a Bee…

  1. I think I will always want to be a bird soaring, singing and migrating, seeing the world from above. It may be due to my name or the poetry from the seventies, Jonathan Livingston Seagull. 🙂
    The peaceful cooing of a mourning dove outside my friend, Jenny’s window, gives me a soothing feeling. The bright red, amidst the snow, of a cardinal cheers me, too.
    I could write quite a lot about feelings about birds, Brenda. I liked your Queen Bee status! The Rose of Sharon flower is indeed a pretty one!

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  2. Oh it was so much fun to read this 🙂
    I feel inspired… Might write something inspired by this on my blog too..:)

    Today if you ask me
    What would I be
    I would tell you that
    I want to be a tree
    Free from choices
    Free from freedom
    What will be, will be

    Love reading you

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  3. I got a picture of bees in a rose here last week – got the same feelings in your poem! Oh, to be a bee!

    Just for today
    I want to be
    A yellow lab
    by the sea,
    Splashing, diving in
    with glee!
    Fetching driftwood,
    once a tree,
    To drop it at
    the feet of me.

    Thanks for the poem!

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  4. To the Queen Bee, I would be the solitary seagull sitting on a jetty overlooking the ocean in a pensive mood. Maybe, I will write about that someday soon. I took photos of seagulls doing just that last weekend.

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  5. Now those flowers would be some plush digs! Your insect-friendly post is a bit prettier than mine today, no? ;0)
    Thanks for sharing, and for claiming Queen Bee status. Today I’d be a circling hawk of some sort, trying to see the big picture as I’m gearing up for fall! Krreeeeeee….

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  6. “aquiver, thrumming, alive”–love that line! If I could be anything right now, I’d be asleep, but since that’s clearly not meant to be at least I have lovely poems and a meteor shower to enjoy!

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