In a Word, Absurd


Don’t be absurd, I’m no bird,
I have neither wing nor urge to sing.
I want not, take not, have not.
I bloom for one short day, never gray,
neither rose nor from Sharon, yet Rose
of Sharon all the same. That is my name.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Summer is shining despite media storms and drought. All around me yesterday, children plunged into the lake, splashing and laughing. Athletes in Brazil won gold, silver and bronze. I was able to swim only two weeks after surgery. That was my gold. I am in awe of how full of triumph and joy life can be. I’m grateful to not be in politics. Have a magical day!

28 thoughts on “In a Word, Absurd

  1. I am happy you recuperated so well, Brenda. What a blessing to be able to swim, hopefully with no pain in 2 weeks after surgery. xo
    This summer unless a commenter was “in my face” (or on my blog commenting a lot) I had to let so much go by the wayside.
    My grandies spent the night every other Saturday. My Mom heard from me every other Wednesday, my youngest daughter and I saw each other only once a month, but she has an equally challenging schedule!
    The Delaware grown children served me meals to go, once a week from my son’s house and once a week from my oldest daughter’s house. Micah us with me every Sunday, since his Daddy gave up his visitation schedule in the winter. We had some movie, park, restaurant and lazy Sundays. Love you “from a distance,” Brenda. ❤
    I am usually not a one sentence commenter, but I am working on this. Except now, of course.

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  2. Always the cutest words and poems. I thought of you today when ai was out walking in the terrible Texas heat. I walked past the house that has the cute fairy statue in the front yard, and their flowers and plants were so lush and pretty with so much grey and dry foliage everywhere else. I thought, “Must be fairy magic. Miss Brenda would like that.”

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  3. so glad to hear you are doing well 🙂 YAY!!

    When we were children, my sister and I used to pick the Rose of Sharon flowers, leaving a little bit of stem at the base. Flip the flower over, pluck a bud and place it down on the step. Instant Flower Dolls 🙂 Add a smaller blossom for a lovely hat or a leaf as a cape…it proved to be hours of fun 🙂 Thanks for renewing this memory 🙂

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