Spring Angel

Angel in snow

in April
a  winged angelic            and            feathery stillness
heralds           divine music      from above
the icy confection
reminds of protection
brings a sense of peace
contemplating movement
making art turn into magic while
overhead fly Canada geese

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Rain’s returned today, and our little angel has washed away. I made this concrete poem in honor of my daughter’s April snow angel. May your thoughts take wing.

This post is also my weekly contribution to Poetry Friday, thanks for hosting to Laura Purdie Salas at Writing the World for Kids. She’s an inspiring writer of over a hundred books, a poet, a teacher and a mentor for other writers.

Poetry Friday with kids

Have a magical day. Warmly, Brenda

63 thoughts on “Spring Angel

  1. “the icy confection reminds of protection”–I love that image. Yes! In the spirit of your magical kingdom, you’ve created a sweet and tasty treat–a feast for imaginative eyes; in the realm of reality–you’ve reminded Scriptural promises: real angels offer bona fide protection. Your daughter’s angel must inspire her to be joyfully, wholesomely, sensitively adventurous! God bless you, and please thank her for working with you on creating a concrete poem that is a wonder to the eyes, as well as to the imagination. (p.s. In “looking for” your PF post, I am overwhelmed by the gorgeous photos and complementary inspiring poems. You are a wonder! Thank you!)

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    • Do you mean you searched my site? I did that recently and I was shocked by how many posts I’ve done for PF. I usually use the links on the host site. Takes me a long time to go through them all, but I try to get to everyone. There are a few people whose websites I can’t leave a comment on because the technology won’t let me. Like Tabatha Yeats. Never works for me, and I’ve tried so many times to appreciate her posts. Never works for me. Sigh.

      Thanks for liking my angel. I worked hard to get the shape right. The wings and head were especially difficult.


      • Instead of using the PF link, I went right to your site. It was only Sat.; I thought I’d only have to back up one post. But no–you are so prolific that I couldn’t immediately find the PF post–which was Providential for me, because I enjoyed so many beautiful photos and poems. (BTW, Did you take all those beautiful butterfly photos? I’ve never seen gorgeously colored butterflies like that–other than in photos.) Just an amazing creative duo assortment of visuals and words. Peace! Thank you!

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        • Hi CB, Ah, I see. I am occasionally prolific. I started writing longer stories, one after the other. Then I came to blogging, still with pent-up words and a longing to write. I’ve tried to hone my writing through blogging, saying more with less words. Thanks for taking the time on my site. I did take the photos myself at the Boston Museum of Science butterfly garden. I take all the photos myself unless I specify otherwise right on the photo. I enjoy photography. Thanks for the time you take on PF, too. I see your footprints, and I know you’re traveling a path similar to mine. Have a great Sunday! XOXO


          • Thanks for taking time to share about the location of the butterfly photos. On a broader scale, do you have a photographer’s press card? You are a pro! If you wish, I bet you could equally position yourself as an author-photographer as a photographer-author. Amazing! …As far as my writing is concerned, I’m still too blog long-winded. Thought Twitter could help me–as well as Haiku. Months ago, I signed up for a Twitter poetry account (forget its actual name), and then haven’t used it (yet?). Concerning our Poetry blog paths, I get the sense that you know exactly who you are, what you want to write about, and execute perfectly! …I, on the other hand, still wonder if I should post at all…Thanks so much for sharing your gifts! Happy Sunday!

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            • A photographer’s press card! What a concept! Huhn. Never occurred to me. Don’t know the first thing about getting one.

              I’m tweeting haiku inspired by license plates Donna Smith is publishing. I’m not putting them on friendlyfairytales because that allows me to think about non-FFT subjects. So far I have 8 haiku, and I’m hoping to finish out the month. Donna collected 7 of them here: http://mainelywrite.blogspot.com/2016/04/surplus-plates-for-sunday.html?showComment=1460299167756#c4142900320463218344

              It does help me shorten and tighten. Trading words in a poem for hashtags is brutal. You could join in if you wanted. XOXO


            • My husband got such a card many years ago; he took a course and joined a professional group through the NY School of Photography & they obtained the card for him. Don’t know if the school/opportunity still exists. Would be interesting to see if there was something comparable in your area. (Bet there is!) Your photography surely looks professional! Thank you for the link and the invitation. I’ve followed the link and enjoyed all your poems. Though I was not an Elvis fanatic, still, there was something classically “right” about what you wrote. Would love to see all those poems you created in their original Tweet format. Possible? Maybe one of these days I’ll give it a try. Right now I’ve got too many projects going simultaneously. xox Thanks for all the time and attention you’ve given me today!

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            • “micropoetry”–that’s what I was trying to think of earlier. Your micropoetry looks fantastic! Next time you do a micropoem, could I trouble you to take a screengrab of how it looks in the Twitter creation window. If you don’t mind, could you paste or attach in an email to me? xox

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            • I’m afraid I don’t know how to do a screen grab. If you press tweet, you have a text box, and there’s a camera button below you press. Then you have to have the jpeg somewhere you can find it — I have a twitter photos file. Then it puts the photo below in a little square, and you put whatever text and hashtags. Returns are ok. Then you tweet, and voila. In the actual tweet, the photo is bigger and text is bigger.


            • 🙂 Thank you! I was curious if you can break the Haiku into 3 lines in the Tweet box, or if you need to do continuous typing. I will try that out. THANKS, too, for the info on how to include a visual!
              p.s. FYI to do a screen grab, press the “Print Screen” key (usually at the top of the keyboard, along with the other Function keys); open a Word doc (or already have a Word doc open), and then paste the screen grab using Control & V keys (simultaneously) or use Paste. Once the screen grab is pasted, you can crop & enlarge. I use that whenever there’s something I can’t simply copy and paste from the Internet.
              Thanks for your help! Have a good day.

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            • Yes, I’ve seen that Print Screen button on PC keyboards, but I have a MAC laptop, and it doesn’t have that button. There’s probably a way to do it with key strokes, but I don’t remember it. And yes, to put in line breaks, you just press return. It highlights things in a pink bar to show how many characters you’ve exceeded the limit, and it has a numeric count, too. You can’t tweet until you have less than the limit.


      • So glad you mentioned about the technology “glitch.” I admit struggling to leave comments on some sites. Wish I could help you sort out leaving comments on Tabatha’s. I think I’ve discovered that a new comment page opens, but without a top tab. Yesterday (as usually happens), I “lost” the comment page and had to start over, struggling to find where the new comments page was. I’ve noticed that once that comment page opens, even when I can’t find it, I can click on the comments link to my heart’s content, and a new comments page won’t open. I’ve learned to close out and reopen the site again so that I can get the comment link to work. Somehow, I eventually find a way to leave a comment related to Tabatha’s post; maybe someone else can help both of us find an easier way. …The other site I struggle with is Liz’s. Sometimes, the comment bar opens for a fleeting moment, but I can’t grab into it, since the second (lower) line of visuals quickly covers the comment space. ..At least it has in the past. I just went to Liz’s most recent post so I could articulate what my struggle has been and this time the comment box opened at the bottom of the post. Go figure!!!! …Don’t know that anything I’ve just written helps shed light on the comment challenge. I figured that the struggle was totally mine, as a function of my working through WordPress. Good to know I’m not alone in sometimes struggling! Thanks for sharing. God bless you! p.s. Maybe someone can help both of us!

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  2. Hi, Brenda–

    The shape of your angel poem is perfect–that must have taken a lot of adjusting! We just had a 20-minute snow shower here in Maryland. It wasn’t enough for angels, just enough to be uncomfortable–I’m rather glad our school Beautification Day was postponed!

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  3. Although I don’t want any snow for awhile, I love the snow angel. We can always use a spring angel. And a summer angel, and a fall angel and a winter angel. And so on and so on….. Have a great day! ☔️ ❄️

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