Hyacinth Hats

Purple Hyacinth crushed by snow

Purple party hats prickle
with shiny, white icicles.
Tiny hyacinth fairies
swoop down greenery slides,
snowflakes spinning sideways.
Jack Frost’s zany zing has
shazammed into spring.
What can we do but have a fling,
sing-songing our belonging?

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: I hear the scoop, scrape, thump of shoveling as I write my little ditty. Be safe, be warm. My part is to make hot soup for the weary, winter warriors.

Here is one happy snow monster:

child skipping along wooded path

30 thoughts on “Hyacinth Hats

  1. Brenda, I can picture fairies gliding down stems and leaves with slippery snow helping them go quickly. The child in snow suit, “snow monster,” will be happy tromping through snow. Your warm, nourishing soup will bring the heat back into their bodies from head to tips of fingers and toes. ❀

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