Tender Moments

T giving piggyback ride to A

Note: My surgery has allowed others in the family to be the hero of their story. Here my oldest is giving a ride to my youngest. If you have a tender moment, please link to Cee’s Photo A Week Challenge: Tender Moments.

30 thoughts on “Tender Moments

  1. Aahh, that’s so sweet Brenda, such a lovely picture to treasure!!β™₯ Reminds me of my wonderful older brother, he’s carried me in so may ways. I hope they have the great friendship that me and my brother have had. Family is so important for our sanity, I’m so glad to see you are a close one! πŸ™‚

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  2. i love this shot and if there ever was an american flag photo that represented what we stand for, this is it. helping others by putting them on our shoulders and carrying them when they need help until they are ready. all in red, white and blue.

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