Harvest Song

tomatoes on the vine

No cellophane or styrofoam
enclose vegetables that
ripen with deep roots in loam.

But tomatoes need attention
from sunshine and gardener —
saving seeds is an obsession.

A good soaking for the seed
then planting in warm soil —
water, fertilize, stake and weed.

Year after year, they grow
Are they fruit or vegetable?
They’re silent. They don’t know.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: I harvested the last of my tomatoes before the recent frost. They were a poor crop this year. Free roaming turkeys ate most of my garden. Ten roost in the maple outside my bedroom window, nearly invisible, except when coming or going.

42 thoughts on “Harvest Song

  1. I love warm tomatoes from the garden, on toast with a little spread of mayo, or adding bacon and spinach leaves, Brenda. Yum!
    I went back a little to find this nice post. Sorry, at this time, you were still in pain. The wild turkeys on my friend, Bill’s farm house property they would walk on his stone driveway. They almost sauntered. 🙂

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  2. Glad you got to harvest some of your crop!
    I’ve never seen a wild turkey.
    Maybe there is something you can plant, that you don’t like but the turkeys do. Then they will fill up on that plant, and leave your other crops alone?
    Lol, another crazy Resa suggestion!
    Hope you are healing up well.

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  3. Definitely no cellophane or styrofoam, that would be wonderful, I can only dream of tomatoes like that now, and remember my mothers beautiful tomatoes in the green house when I was a little girl (can still smell that pungent green smell in a hot glass house) and to think I hated tomatoes in those days too. What was I thinking!!

    I just can’t imagine a whole load of free roaming turkeys eating your lovely vegetables. It sounds so funny, but I guess it’s no laughing matter at all to lose something so precious. Are there any ways of scaring them away? Perhaps a huge turkey like scarecrow – Big Bird from Sesame Street?!! 😉

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