Smoke bush

Aglow with new growth,
Aglow with joy,
Blood to pump
and thoughts to run,
toward the sky, afloat,
on high.
This is life,
in all its ups and downs,
magic pulsing,
sick then well,
in pain then resting.
Thanks for my breath,
free of pain,
thanks for sunshine,
warm on my skin,
for hugs from my kin and
another day to begin.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: I’ve recovering well from the surgery, and I feel the poetry coursing in my veins again. I hope the magic finds you, lifts you and makes your heart and imagination soar. XOXO, Brenda

53 thoughts on “Aglow

  1. I am now aware of rotator cuff surgery and am glad you are off the hard drugs but nothing says you cannot take Tylenol 3 or something non-addictive. Mom went 4 weeks (Rich checked her charts) after her hip shattered before Tylenol PM was allowed. She had Vicodin for the week almost in hospital and once out of hospital cranky but no meds. So, hope you use something when you need it!
    The photo vibrant and a tangible reminder of blood giving life, even if a plant’s “blood” is CO 2, water and sunshine. πŸ™‚


    • A shattered hip is much more serious than my surgery. I went home the same day (wobbled home). I’ve had three caesarians and back surgery, so this is small potatoes in comparison. I just know that it takes three years after surgery before you really feel like yourself again. Three dang years. If I don’t injure myself again. I’m starting to really dread ice season. I wish you all the best, my friend. XOXO Brenda


  2. You’re so brave to have had back surgery, Brenda. You sound very positive, so I’m sure you will feel better each day. I’ve suffered with chronic back pain for years and it can be so debilitating. Good luck.
    Great poem and photo. What are those berries? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  3. HI it’s MichelleMarie I wanted to tell you that JM knows you had shoulder surgery and she’ll come visit you because loves you and also because she had should surgery too! I’m so happy to read you are recovering nicely! Just wanted to say hi and that I am thinking of you Pink Brenda!


      • AWE yes she did and not too far away! I know that she plans on checking on you. She and her Pinkman have been busy getting their precious house in NH all fixed up! They have been traveling and collecting antiques it’s really exciting to hear about it and see the photos! I’m so happy you find this surgery better recovery then the others! That is really good news! Have a super week Super Mom don’t forget to rest! XOXO


  4. For some reason I’m not getting your posts on my reader. I’ve been looking for your blog and finally found it. I’ve been thinking about you and I’m delighted to see that you are feeling better. Yay!!!! Poetry running thought your veins. Can’t ask for more than that:) So happy you’re doing well. ❀


    • My reader is so clogged, it only lets me get about an hour of posts before it won’t take any more likes. It doesn’t do the job, so I started having weekly emails sent to me from some posts, but after the surgery I didn’t even manage to read all of those. No energy. I’m feeling better than I expected, though. And my family is taking good care of me. XOXO


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