Cider Sweet

Apple tree

In the green dappled shade, beneath
a cider-smelling apple tree,
is earth magic.
A white blossom in spring swells to
a tiny, green fruit in July:
summer magic.
I pull down the autumn-red fruit, and
its tart-sweet crunch in my teeth
is apple magic.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: The SCBWI conference was an inspiration and confirmed for me that I’m on the right path. My crazy fits with their crazy. 🙂 My surgery is in the morning, so it might be over before you even read this. Halleluja, may the worrying be past and the healing begun. Soon, I’ll be having more fun! Meanwhile, I have a bowl of sun-sweet Macintosh apples. XOXO Brenda

27 thoughts on “Cider Sweet

  1. The worst part of just reading a few posts at a time I missed about your surgery. If you ever have something serious in the future going on, please consider dropping by and letting me know. I felt so bad I missed this surgery and hope you are mending and healing well. ♡

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    • Don’t worry, my friend. We are all in the same blogging boat with too many posts to read and not enough time to keep up. I miss stuff all the time, believe me. Despite how hard I try not to. I don’t criticize or judge. I appreciate. 🙂 Thanks for your good wishes, Robin. You’re a dear friend. I hope to be all better in the New Year. I keep doing my exercises. I’m just too tired all the time. But I’ll get there. XOXO Brenda


  2. You made my mouth water with that poem, haha… a juicy poem!! 😀 And what a lovely picture of lush apples. My goodness, wish I had such a tree in my back yard!!!

    I do hope your surgery has gone well Brenda, it’s making me cringe just thinking about that. And yes, yes, may the healing begin, absolutely the right way to look at it! 🙂


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