Mushroom Abloom

Mushroom abloom

Misty morning rain —
Abloom go fairy umbrellas.
Sprites huddle and hide —
Only a toe might show.
Mushrooms glisten.
Gilded droplets
form slowly,
roll to the center —
a pool of fairy nectar.
Deer step warily,
brown eyes dewy, and
nibble mushrooms.
Sprites tickle their chins
and spin widdershins.
So again it begins.
Hide and seek with the fawn
till Mama Doe gives a yawn,
and the rain is gone.
So are the mushrooms.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

27 thoughts on “Mushroom Abloom

  1. Mushroom, more like, Mushbloom! //i’m sorry for the lame pun

    didn’t know that some mushrooms can be shaped like flowers from above! oh well, we learn something new everyday!


  2. I love the idea of mushrooms as fairy umbrellas. I’m weaving that into my next discussion about fairies with my girls and am suddenly wondering if that will work for or against them ever eating them again….

    Great poem!


  3. All of this magical extrapolation from a remarkably beautiful photo of a mushroom, not to mention that concept that a mushroom is a flower, and ever more so, looks like one! Mind boggling. Wonderful. You rock.


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