Stream on Killington

Light pools, spills and
gathers in the in-between,
the place of magic bugs,
between water and air,
where all things appear
I linger half-blinded
by the sundrops
wishing for the moment
to be suspended
between the now and then
for time to stop
and my life to dissolve
there and stay forever,
brilliantly lit and possible.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: In this last week before school starts, I have been getting medical opinions on a shoulder injury and getting my car rehauled. It’s an in-between time for me and my kids, which is always magical but fraught with emotion. I hope you have a great weekend! Warmly, Brenda

30 thoughts on “Sundrops

  1. The place of magic bugs–I want to live in that enchanting world, Brenda. The sunlit drops, the gurgling brooks, and tiny life forms that perform mystical feats that purely delight.
    A lovely piece of poetry. Hope the shoulder gets some healing treatment! Be well.


  2. How beautiful Brenda, I love this one!!♥ One of those brief moments in life where you would be quite happy for time to freeze until you say it can start again. Love the way you’ve captured that sparkling sunlight in the water – perfect! 🙂

    Sorry to hear you have a shoulder injury, that sounds miserable! 😦 My brother had some real problems with a shoulder a year ago, made his life very unpleasant. It’s not until everything isn’t working okay, that we realise how much we need very part. Each piece of us is reliant on the other. I hope you get some help for that very soon. 🙂

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