Mountain Cloudburst

Leaves in rain

Tears fall from dark clouds,
spit spatter splash!
Thunder rip roars!
Wipers swish swash!
Fog swirls on the mountainside
then descends like ghostly legions.
Blue mountains disappear
behind a blurry sky.
the car emerges
into sunshine.
Only the leaves prove
the rain danced.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

25 thoughts on “Mountain Cloudburst

  1. This would make a good spoken word poem, I really like the energy and the story in this. Made me think actually, when it rains we often hide under umbrellas, drive in cars or run indoors, more concerned with getting wet than noticing the little drops of rain. We miss so much of the minute detail all around us. I shall remember this next time it rains! 😉


  2. …I like the fog descending like ghostly legions and the pastel hues of the leaves are just lovely! The rain dancing makes me think of Native American Indians…etc. thank you for stirring up all these vivid mind images! 🙂


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