White Mountain Sunset


Hungry plants stretch
toward the dwindling light
along Kancamagus Highway,
a tongue-tying, twisting
New Hampshire byway.
The setting sun gilds
wildflower meadows.
The air is crisp and cold.
Birds and squirrels nest;
mosquitoes buzz and
dodge dragonflies.
Beetles scurry for rocks
and porcupines waddle
through ferns, quills tucked.
A stork pauses in the shallow river
alongside the cars, eying the current.
The water is aflame with sunset,
in shades of rose, umber and carmine.
Pine scent intermingles with
blooming goldenrod and early asters.
Blue mountains fade to gray.
Tomorrow is another day.

blooming goldenrod


Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

21 thoughts on “White Mountain Sunset

  1. This is a lovely glimpse into your world Brenda! That’s what I like so much about blogging, you can be sitting in a chair the other side of the world and still see for thousands of miles at the same time – how lovely! Those clouds above the hills (or are they mountains?) are so wonderful, like a piece of art!! 🙂


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