Dappled Glade

Dappled Glade

Light moves and
shadows turn cartwheels
in a dappled glade.
A shadow might be
squirrel, gopher,
dog, deer or sprite.
Or the absence of
someone dear.
A dappled glade
can contain
anything at all,
or everything.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

67 thoughts on “Dappled Glade

  1. I love the mystery to this Brenda, makes me think of my childhood and being amongst the trees and nature. I had a pretty large imagination,often wondered if I was not as alone as it appeared. 😉 This lovely poem sends me right back to those days. Thanks so much for reminding me! 🙂


  2. The way the sun plays in the woods does create all sorts if magical images. The shadow of someone special made this unique and personal, Brenda.
    So happy to hear you are on a forest vacation. Hope your family has a beautiful time!
    On Friday 7/31, my Dad,would have been 84. So, my brother Rich was with his wife at Bethany Beach looking up for the international space station. I took Micah and Skyler to look at the night sky, too. Funny, 2 different Delaware locations. He got photos but we missed it. I had boys talk to their Great Grammie O.
    Either water or night skies remind us of him. Now wondering if your Mom held your hand in the woods or if you skipped ahead? ♡♡


  3. dappled shade…I can feel the coolness of the trees energy
    Beautiful Brenda…..

    Take Care…You Matter…


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