Rain Chain

Purple trumpet flowers

Raindrops linger in a
Caressing slide down
Purple trumpet petals.

Petals are lavender tutus
Worn by fae ballerinas
In endless pirouhette.

Pirouhette in the rain,
Cool on a hot brow,
Steamy from summerย fun.

Fun is full moon magic,
On a long bright night.
Dew falls like raindrops.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This poem is my variant of a chain poem. The last word of the stanza is used to start the next stanza, and then the last word of the poem loops back to the first word. Tonight my daughter couldn’t sleep with the full moon shining through her window. It’s the first full moon she ever remembers seeing, and it has a special magic for her. Do you remember seeing your first full moon?

Plus, YEAH to Carly Lloyd who again slotted home a Penalty Kick, leading the women’s U.S. soccer team to a semi-final win against Germany. Yeah to the whole U.S. women’s soccer team!! The final of the women’s world cup is Sunday, and I wish I could be there!!

45 thoughts on “Rain Chain

    • Thanks! Almost every time I try something new, I google it, and find it’s similar to another form. So I identify it, and that helps me remember it all myself. Your saskatoons look remarkably like blueberries.


      • It’s great that you understand the particular style of poetry before trying it. Many people attempt something new without giving it some thought first. (heaven knows I do that a lot!) It’s great to head into the unknown but being prepared and educated is just as important. And yes. They are very similar in shape and colour. But the taste is muskier. Blueberries have a crisp, sweet flavour but Saskatoons have more of a grape taste. They’re very popular up here in the Canadian Prairies. In fact, they’re a traditional food for the First Nations. They make very good jams and pies as well. If you ever come to the prairies, be sure to take some home with you! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. I don’t think I remember my first full moon… I’m glad it was a magical moment for your daughter. She needs to always hold on to those!

    Fun is full moon magic,
    On a long bright night.
    Dew falls like raindrops.

    I loved that.


  2. I like all kinds of fun descriptions incorporating senses with nature. Slipping and caressing along with lavender tutus, so wonderful and imaginative, Brenda. Love the fact your daughter sees the moon’s features and glad there are 2 in one lucky month of July.


  3. This post will be a lovely reminder for your daughter of her first full moon experience. I have forgotten mine but I do remember the thrill of seeing harvest moons during my younger years.


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